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Multiblend Paleo Protein Powder

With hydrolysed collagen peptides

  • Australia’s first primal- and paleo-friendly protein powder to combine a nutritionally complete, bioavailable protein with hydrolysed collagen peptides
  • Contains type I collagen peptides, which are natural building blocks used by the body in the production of bone, skin, tendons and ligaments
  • Boosted with sacha inchi, a rich natural source of essential fatty acids, including a large proportion of omega-3 fats, and egg-white powder due to egg-whites being a complete protein and containing all the essential amino acids that the body needs
  • Easy to mix with water or nut milk for a light, frothy and satisfying shake
  • Available in classic vanilla and delicious strawberry flavours, naturally sweetened with stevia
  • Free of artificial thickeners, fillers and additives
  • Low allergen and low FODMAPs

Each serving provides 22.9g of protein (around the same amount you’d get from a 75g serving of roasted chicken breast), boosted by the collagen content and amino acid profile of our hydrolysed collagen peptides.

(At Primal CORE, we only use type I collagen peptides, which are readily absorbed and utilised by the body and ultimately incorporated into the skin, bones, tendons and ligaments).

* NB: Produced in a facility that also processes milk products, soy and nuts


^ Nutritional Information


Multiblend Paleo Protein Powder

^ Nutritional Information


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